Consistent vs. Best performers?

  One of the most popular investment options for investors is mutual funds. It provides a way for the investors to compound their investment and thus helps them in creating more wealth than many other investment tools. But there are nearly infinite plans for you to select in the market. Even if you filter the existing funds to suit your risk capacity and other parameters, you are still left w...
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Can Arbitrage Fund replace Debt Funds in Your Portfolio?

In the world of mutual funds, it is well known that equity funds enjoy the benefit of lower taxation while debt funds are less risky with better returns. But what if you wished to combine the two and enjoy lower taxation, lower risk and good returns? Your answer would be arbitrage funds. Arbitrage funds are a unique type of equity mutual funds. They capture the arbitrage opportunity that arises be...
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5 reasons to file an ITR even if your income is not taxable:

5 reasons to file an ITR even if your income is not taxable: It is a common misconception that you are not required to file an ITR if you have zero tax liability. As a result many people are oblivious to the benefits of filing ITRs and ultimately end up facing consequences that they could have avoided in the first place. If your total gross income was more than the taxable limit mentioned below, y...
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What is value investing? Which Mutual Funds Follow this?

Unlike those critical investment strategies, value investing seems simple and credible. It doesn't ask you to have an extensive background dealing with finance, however the basics just help. Value investing is one sort of investment strategy which aims to look-up at those stocks of various companies which are trading at some significant discount, to their intrinsic value. If considered generally, ...
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Digital loan against mutual funds (LAMF) - Should you opt?

  Are you in the midst of financial distress? Are you pressed for time and in an urgent need for money? Do you mind liquidating your current investments? If the answers to these questions are a YES then redemption of your investments or availing a loan against them would be the best way to do away with the unexpected cash crunch. This is how it is generally done and this is how an investor wo...
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ELSS vs. PPF – Where to invest for tax saving?

  Tax saving is one of the most crucial elements supplementing investment decisions. Honestly, who does not desire tax benefits while thinking about investing? ; be it long term or short term. However, with a wide range of investment options available, it is important to choose the one which aligns perfectly with your risk appetite, return expectations, long term goals etc. Section 80C of The...
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Investing in Ethical Mutual Funds - Shariah Compliant Funds

Ethical funds are funds that refrain from investing in vice industries. They were launched to help investors invest while maintaining a clear conscience. Although ethical funds are just socially responsible funds, the Shariah funds are known for investing according to the Islamic finance principles and ethics (Shariah rules). Some of the Shariah compliant funds in India are – Goldman Sachs CNX Nif...
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Journey of Rs. 70 to Rs. 70, 00,000

  Investment in mutual funds could be encountered in numerous shapes and sizes. Certain options are the low risk investment ones such as the debt funds, while the others are equity based funds which turn out as riskier. Then you have the hybrid funds which offer a much balanced portfolio. So in case you are planning to invest within the boundaries of mutual funds, then there are various param...
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Income Tax - Changes after April 1st, 2018

  A summary of the income tax changes for individual tax payers that were announced during Budget 2018. These changes will be in effect after April 2018. Standard deduction re-introduced: For salaried taxpayers and pensioners, a standard deduction of ₹40,000 has been introduced. The transport and medical allowance has been merged with the standard deduction. Instead to saving the bills and cl...
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Non Convertible Debentures (NCDs) vs. Credit Opportunity Debt Mutual Funds

Non Convertible Debentures (NCDs) vs. Credit Opportunity Debt (COD) Mutual Funds
Non-convertible debentures or credit opportunity bonds are securities issued by companies to raise funds. When you buy such bonds, you are actually lending money to the company for a periodical fixed interest (known as coupon). On the maturity date, your principal will be returned to you. Non-Convertible Debentures : A NCD is a debt paper (debenture) that is issued by the company for a fixed perio...
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Should I invest my capital gains in 54EC bonds?

capital gains 54 EC Tax saving
In the union budget of 2018, finance minister already proposed the plan of increasing the lock-in period of the investments within the capital gain tax exemption bonds up to the period of 5 years.This is under the section 54EC of Income Tax Act, 1961. The budgeting of 2017, already indicated about introducing more financial instruments which could save the tax over capital gains. Although, this ye...
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Fixed Deposits vs Debt Mutual Funds

FD fixed deposit vs Debt MF Mutual Funds
If you have saved up some money and looking to invest less risky financial instruments, then fixed deposits or debt mutual fund is your answer. But the similarity ends there. The two tools vary in many aspects like lock-in period and premature withdrawal/liquidity, capital protection, tax liability etc. here are some notable differences. Lock-in period and premature withdrawal: Debt Mutual funds h...
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Are Dividend Plans Harmful To Your Wealth?

dividend plans
A lot of investors choose to invest in dividend plans as they promise a regular income through the dividends. Although regular payouts seem very attractive as opposed to growth plan, which doesn't offer regular income, dividends could end up harming your affluence. Take a peek to know how: Taxation: You pay taxes on your income gains from dividend more than the dividend amount itself. This is beca...
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What Makes Debt Mutual Funds Price Go Up Or Down?

In debt mutual funds, the money you invest are used to buy a mix of government or corporate bonds.These bonds are issued with a fixed tenure and interest rate. The interest depends on how risky the bond is. The higher the risk, the higher the interest rate. The bonds are traded in a secondary bond market where investors can buy or sell them. They can also be held until the principal is repaid to t...
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Math to keep insurance and investments separate

insurance vs investment mutual fund
An investment is allocating money in expectation of future benefits. You risk now to earn more in future.In insurance, you make an arrangement to neutralize possible future risks. It is ideally a risk management tool. Hence, insurance and investments are not really same and they must not be mixed. Practically speaking, there is no need to insure oneself against risks that can be handled by other f...
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How to select a right Equity mutual fund?

right equity mutual fund
Today, where you explore plethora of market interlinked investment alternatives, equity mutual funds always remain as your safe bet. Whether you be the seasoned investor, or a beginner, good knowledge of market mechanics and thorough research is quite essential in this relatively long term investment. Out of the hundreds and thousands active funds, couple of them are bent towards equity only. Thus...
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How to select a right Debt Mutual Fund to achieve a goal?

Selecting a Debt Mutual Fund is unexpectedly more complicated than opting for a diversified equity fund. Even in the case of seasoned investors, understanding and tracking of interest rate movements and the credit risks are exclusively challenging. Yet this is one happiest hunting category for all the corporate treasuries, high-net-worth folks and institutional investors. Again, retail investors o...
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Is investing in balanced fund riskier?

Are balanced funds risky
Balanced funds generally refers to the hybrid equity-oriented mutual fund scheme where, you usually invest 65-75% of the portfolio in equity securities and remaining portion gets secured in the money market securities or debts. This hybrid portfolio maintains a moderate fund volatility which enables potential wealth creation during long term. However, as the major part of it is parked in equity, t...
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What every woman needs to learn about money management

  As the stereotypical concepts revolving around "traditional" women have now changed, there is a dire need for women to upgrade their own selves. When it comes to finance management "earn more, save more & spend more" must be the mantra for long-term. However, the order is essential! First you earn much, then save or invest it accordingly and then spend out whatever remains. Savings is n...
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Investing: Starting big vs starting early

Starting Early vs Starting Big
Starting big vs. starting early It is always the early bird that catches the bird. One might argue that a huge investment can gain the same returns as a small investment over years. But investment is not just about figures, but mainly time. To be a successful and wealthy investor, you need to give yourself time to learn about the market and gain wisdom. That being said let me give you a few reason...
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