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Why is the current market situation best for investing in STP?

STP or Systematic Transfer Plan is similar to an SIP except for the fact that it involves transfer of money from one fund category to another on a regular basis. Usually, such a type of transfer takes place from a debt fund to an equity fund in installments in order to facilitate the averaging out of the overall purchase price. Recently, the domestic market has become riskier due to the weakening ...
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Use SWP for tax-efficient regular income from mutual funds

What is SWP or Systematic Withdrawal Plan? It essentially enables customization so that investors can withdraw a specific amount of money or the capital gains from their mutual fund investments on a regular basis. Investors are thereby able to tailor their income stream with respect to their financial needs. This is how investors can avail both steady income as well as desired returns as per their...
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Should International funds be part of investor portfolio?

The Rupee witnessed a steady depreciation against the Dollar in the past few months, increasing anxiety for all in general. However, the investor community can possibly capitalize on this situation by considering their investment in international funds. This would additionally be a great approach to diversify their investment portfolio. International funds are mutual funds which invest in stocks o...
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Terrible mistakes that can ruin your retirement corpus

The key to joyous existence, post retirement is very much a possibility if your retirement plan is on point. This financial goal is far more important than it appears to be; all for glorious last few years of life. Who wants to spend these golden years penny pinching in uncertainty! There are many misconceptions which investors necessarily need to stay away from, in order to prevent their retireme...
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How to choose between Growth or Dividend reinvestment while investing in Arbitrage fund?

An arbitrage fund is a type of equity mutual fund that takes advantage of the difference in pricing between the cash markets and the futures or derivatives markets. This kind of fund capitalizes on market inadequacies in order to provide benefits to investors. It exploits market volatility to make it work in its favour so as to provide investors with relatively risk-free returns. Once the investor...
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Why large cap funds will always be flavour of investing?

In the light of SEBI's recent mandate on re-categorization and classification of mutual fund schemes, floated in October 2017, this question is definitely worthy of being evaluated. The term "Market Cap" or "Market Capitalization" refers to the size of the company listed on stock exchanges. Market cap is one of the many factors playing an important role in strategizing stock market investments. Be...
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5 things to do when interest rates start rising

India's premier banking institution – Urjit Patel led RBI, in June 2018 hiked the benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points; a move made after almost four and a half years. This is the rate at which banks borrow money from the central bank and it stands at 6.25%. Multiple factors have been responsible for this decision of the Monetary Policy Committee of the RBI, such as high crude oil prices, we...
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Should I opt for Monthly Income Plan?

monthly income plan
MIP is a hybrid mutual fund scheme. The reason being, it invests in both equity and debt securities. Majority of the corpus is traditionally invested in debt securities (around 70% – 80 %) such as debentures, corporate bonds, public securities etc. while the rest is invested in equity. The equity exposure is limited due to market volatility, although it can be used for optimizing profits when the ...
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Low risk, high returns investment?

Investment has recently become a prime element on the ladder of a safe and secure future. Well, I cannot agree more. The significance seems to be rising every single day and it appears like a mammoth of a task to process so much that is available on the internet. With internet inundated with massive amount of information and plethora of guides pertaining to low risk, high return investment; unders...
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Digital loan against mutual funds (LAMF) - Should you opt?

  Are you in the midst of financial distress? Are you pressed for time and in an urgent need for money? Do you mind liquidating your current investments? If the answers to these questions are a YES then redemption of your investments or availing a loan against them would be the best way to do away with the unexpected cash crunch. This is how it is generally done and this is how an investor wo...
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ELSS vs. PPF – Where to invest for tax saving?

  Tax saving is one of the most crucial elements supplementing investment decisions. Honestly, who does not desire tax benefits while thinking about investing? ; be it long term or short term. However, with a wide range of investment options available, it is important to choose the one which aligns perfectly with your risk appetite, return expectations, long term goals etc. Section 80C of The...
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