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Are Index Funds worth investing in India?

The term Index fund has got quite popular nowadays. Everyone is curious to know what is an Index fund and what it does. An Index fund is a type of mutual fund which as the name suggests invests directly in an index. An Index fund doesn't invest in 2 or 3 stocks but on all the stocks that are part of a particular index. The base indexes in which we can invest are BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty.Index fund...
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Impact of Elections on Indian Economic Market

This year 2019 will be an important landmark year for the Indian economy. The General Elections are going to be held in the month of April and May 2019. There are various factors like Import and Export ratio, the value of Rupee, global oil price etc that impact the Indian economy. Like these factors, the outcome of general elections also has a significant impact on the Indian economy. Generally, b...
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Why Liquid funds are an attractive alternative to Savings deposits?

Suppose you want to invest your money for a short term without any risks, the only choice that comes to everyone's mind is a savings account. Is savings account he only risk-free investment option for your money for a short-term period of less than a year? The option is no. There are a few more investment options like Liquid funds which are not only risk-free, but offer double the profit than savi...
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Gold or Gold ETF, which one should you buy?

The relation between Indians and Gold is a long-standing one for thousands of years.Right from the early ages, people have bought and used gold ornaments. It has been a part of our religious and cultural aspect. It is also used as a status symbol and as a form of saving with more than 60% of the total gold in India stored in Indian households as gold jeweler. With the increase in the price of gold...
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