ELSS vs. PPF – Where to invest for tax saving?

  Tax saving is one of the most crucial elements supplementing investment decisions. Honestly, who does not desire tax benefits while thinking about investing? ; be it long term or short term. However, with a wide range of investment options available, it is important to choose the one which aligns perfectly with your risk appetite, return expectations, long term goals etc. Section 80C of The...
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How to save tax on home loan? – Home loan tax benefit

So you have finally achieved your goal of owning a house after a prominent bank has funded your dream. Are you aware that buying a house loan actually has a lot of tax benefits? Under some sections like Section 80C and Section 24, a lot of tax reimbursement options are available which when leveraged correctly, can yield revenues for you. There are different ways for you to claim tax deduction: 1. ...
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Got an FD? Here's something you should know about TDS

tds_on_Fixed Deposit
Investing in fixed deposit could be actually beneficial; still, overseeing some essential aspects could let you face certain loss due to TDS. Priya Sharma, one of my mother's friends and a retired private sector employee, went into deep shock when she got her bank account statement. It showed a 10% deduction of TDS (tax deducted at source) on her FD (Fixed Deposit interest income). Well, just like...
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How does the lock-in of tax saving ELSS funds work?

Tax Saving ELSS Funds Lockin
Tax saving ELSS mutual fund is one of the best ways to participate in investments. Among a plethora of available options, ELSS mutual funds are considered as the best tool to save taxes as it generated very higher returns than the other funds historically. However, there is a little detail that needs some addressing to do: The Lock in period . One of the benefits of ELSS mutual fund...
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Comparison of 8 tax-saving investments under Section 80C

80C Investment options Tax Saving
 Income tax can play a vital role in the development of country. They account for a vast portion of the government's income and also fund basic provisions to the citizens.Sometimes, these taxes can be rough on the finances of the taxpayer. Hence the government provides a way to save tax and one of them is Section 80c. According to Income Tax Act- 1961, when an individual earns more than ₹ 2,5...
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How are mutual funds taxed? What are long and short term capital gains?

​As long as there is income, there is tax. Taxes can be minimized but not escaped. The Mutual funds returns are taxed under the head 'Income from Capital Gains.' Capital gains can be classified as long term or short term capital gains based on the investment holding period. Capital gains tax varies according to the holding period and type of mutual fund. Holding period is the period from the date ...
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Why tax saving Mutual Funds (ELSS) over other options?

One of the best ways to invest is to participate in plans that generate tax-free returns. While there are many available options such as PPF, NSC, NPS and taxing-saving FDs, ELSS trumps as the best investing option.While it does involve market related risks, it also rewards the investors for extra risks. The objective of ELSS mutual funds is to provide tax benefit (up to ₹1.5 lakh) under...
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Why life insurance is NOT an investment

Insurance is NOT an Investment. Mutual Funds sahi hai
​ If you consider insurance an investment, you're not alone. We live in a world where every adult can swear to have received a "cold call" from an insurance agent at one point in their life or bombarded relative/family friend who is an insurance agent.  This is a characteristic side-effect of the competition in the insurance business, though there is nothing amiss with this. But in such a wor...
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Equity Mutual Funds or Direct Equity (Stocks): What is a better choice?

Everyone of us dreams to be wealthy and constantly looks out for opportunities & avenues to grow money. Investing in Indian equity markets has delivered superior long term returns compared to other traditional options like Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits or Gold and better liquidity compared to real estate investments. Equity is inevitable for any kind of a long-term investment when you loo...
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