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What is IndoInvesting?

IndoInvesting is India's first investing market place, connecting investors of all kinds, to the best suited investment professionals and investment products. IndoInvesting helps investors by acting as an independent and unbiased platform, providing services like goal management, goal tracking, and AI driven portfolio construction, while it helps investment professionals by acting as a technology and marketing partner.

What are the financial products available at IndoInvesting platform for investment purpose ?

At present, IndoInvesting offers top Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and services from Registered Investment Advisors (R.I.A.), curated from 8000+ funds and strategies in India. Indoinvesting is expected to come up with other wide verity of financial products which can give added advantage to our client portfolios.

What is a Mutual Fund ?

In short, a mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme, usually run by an asset management company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, debentures, goverment bills, bonds and other instruments.

What are the types of Mutual Funds?

There are variety of Mutual Funds like Equity Oriented Funds, Tax Saver Funds, Gilt Funds, Liquid Funds, Short term Income Funds, Ultra Short term Funds, Thematic - Infrastructure funds, Credit Opportunities Funds, Balanced/Hybrid Funds etc.

What is Portfolio Management Services (PMS) ?

Portfolio Management System (PMS) is a type of wealth management service, usually offered to wealthy investors (HNIs). With greater flexibility and higher customisation, PMS aim to generate superlative returns in comparison to other investment avenues focusing on the same asset class. When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities unlike a mutual fund investor, who owns units of the entire fund.

What are the types of Portfolio Management Services (PMS)?

There are two types of Portfolio Management Services (PMS): 1) Discretionary PMS, and 2) Non-discretionary PMS In discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager individually and independently manages the funds of each client. But in non-discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager manages the funds in accordance with the directions of the client. The portfolio manager cannot make buy-sell decisions at his own discretion; he has to refer to the client for every transaction.

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How can I register on IndoInvesting?

Click on Clietn-Area button, and select new user for registration form. On the registration page, enter your email id and a secure password. You will recieve an activation link on your email. Click on the link and follow steps to complete registration which includes your Name and Mobile number with OTP confirmation.

Can NRI investor register on Indoinvesting?

Yes, NRI investors can register with Indoinvesting. But need to operate the same using an NRE/NRO bank account. However, NRIs from US & Canada might not be eligeble to invest in few mutual funds or might need additional documents.

Can I add joint holders to my account?

No, at present we dont allow joint accounts. We are expecting to support joint account holders soon.

I have opened an account with IndoInvesting, but I am unable to invest.

You need to check your dashboard and alerts to know whether you need to provide any documents to complete any formalities prescribed by regulatory authorities(SEBI, AMFI) to make your account investment active. If you have completed all formalities and still not able to invest, you can raise a ticket online.

How can I change my password?

Click change password link under your account login and follow on screen steps.

Is it compulsary to be a KYC compliant to open an account with Indoinvesting?

No, you can open an account with Indoinvesting and experince many of the tools in simulation (SIM) mode, but you need to be KYC compliant to invest.

What will happen to my mutual fund holdings on closure of my Indoinvesting Account ?

If and when you close your account with Indoinvesting, you can manage your investments directly with the AMCs, without any hassle. In case, you want to liquidate your holdings,you can easily do so and units will be sold at applicable day's NAVs and your money will be credited back to your linked bank account

What will happen to our Mutual Fund Holdings if Indoinvesting (QuantMagnum Technologies pvt ltd.) is shut?

IndoInvesting platform is here to FACILITATE your investments. So, even in the case of IndoInvesting close down, you can manage your investments directly with the AMCs, without any hassle.

Is there any IndoInvesting account opening fee or annual maintenance charge?

No, we do not charge any Account opening fee or annual maintenance charge. It is simply FREE for life account for you.

So, how do you make money?

We are paid by the institutions, whose products we distribute. For Example: Mutual Fund AMCs charge a fund-management fee which is known as Total Expense Ratio (TER). Typically, TER is in the range of 0.1-2.5% of your investments with a mutual fund. For facilitation of your investments and regular monitoring of your portfolio, the mutual fund companies share a proportion of TER with us. Click here to see commission rates we earn from different AMCs.

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Where and how money flows from my bank account?

Case 1) NetBanking, your money flows directly from your bank account to respective AMCs pool account. Your money never touches bank account of IndoInvesting (QuantMagnum). Case 2) Mandate, your money flows directly from your account to AMCs account based on your instructions setup during mandate registration. Your money never touches bank account of IndoInvesting (QuantMagnum)

Why do i need to provide Bank Mandate as part of KYC?

Bank mandate along with a cancelled cheque is required to register your NACH request with your bank. It validates the authenticity of the request and eases out your investment process.

Why is the mandate to authorize QuantMagnum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.?

A one time mandate to authorize QuantMagnum Technologies Pvt. Ltd., removes the hassle of managing multiple mandates in favor of different AMCs. It keeps you ready to move your funds from one scheme to another, or from one AMC to another on the same day, you think is appropiate. In absence of one time mandate, you might be required to register several mandates with each AMC and each mandate registration takes about 30 days, meaning you might miss some opportunities in absence of mandate registration.


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