Math to keep insurance and investments separate

insurance vs investment mutual fund
An investment is allocating money in expectation of future benefits. You risk now to earn more in future.In insurance, you make an arrangement to neutralize possible future risks. It is ideally a risk management tool. Hence, insurance and investments are not really same and they must not be mixed. Practically speaking, there is no need to insure oneself against risks that can be handled by other f...
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Planning to get married? Here's how to prepare financially

Marriage is not something about moving in with a new individual, but it's a huge transformation in both the people's lives that demands shouldering responsibilities for both families. The post- marriage challenges are definitely bound to grow; they might bring up more financial obstacles and will eventually test your capability of tackling them with ease. If you are planning to board on the train ...
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Why and how to diversify mutual fund portfolio?

Don't put all your eggs in one baster. Mutual Funds diversify
 A sequence of abrupt falls in stock markets throws caution lights on the face of many investors, especially when they invested in similar or single scheme. That is when they recognise the virtues of diversified investment portfolio. Diversifying investments across various schemes reduces exposure to risks.It ensures that a collapse or economic dip of one component does not affect you dangero...
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Does 'copying' a portfolio work?

Copying a portfolio
Some investors are architects of their own portfolios while the rest prefer to the mimic the portfolios of successful investors. But riding on the copycat bandwagon can be dangerous, particularly if you are tailing an institutional investor's portfolio. Although the strategy is not without any accomplishments, the evidence about its success is quite diverse.A research paper from Cambridge Universi...
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Got your salary? Here's the first thing you should do!

Salary Savings Investment - Indoinvesting - mutualfundsahihai
Treating yourselves and your families are apparently the major things that you would love to do with your first salary, but, smart are those who think beyond the horizon and make a smart move. As your first job might pave the path for rest of your career, the way you utilize your first salary could definitely determine your potential financial stability and behavior. So, what would you do with you...
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9 Common myths on SIP busted

Systematic investment plan (SIP) is considerably the best way of investing in mutual funds, although, time and again, peoples' misconceived notions have slowed their wealth creation. Blocking these misunderstandings and getting your facts right, is an essential deal. So, here we go with the most prominent myths about SIP and the clarification to this would definitely alter your misunderstandings a...
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SIP - Systematic Investment Plan. What it is? How does it work?

SIP - Systematic Investment Plan - Mutual Fund Sahi hai
‚ÄčTheoretically, timing the market plays the most crucial role. However, no one can ever tame the fluctuations that occur with time. While investors are busy timing the market conditions, they usually miss out valuable opportunities and can end up with loss. For those who do not wish to put their money to such a potentially risky strategy, TIME ** not timing ** could be the best alternative an...
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Why life insurance is NOT an investment

Insurance is NOT an Investment. Mutual Funds sahi hai
‚Äč If you consider insurance an investment, you're not alone. We live in a world where every adult can swear to have received a "cold call" from an insurance agent at one point in their life or bombarded relative/family friend who is an insurance agent.  This is a characteristic side-effect of the competition in the insurance business, though there is nothing amiss with this. But in such a wor...
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