Should International funds be part of investor portfolio?

The Rupee witnessed a steady depreciation against the Dollar in the past few months, increasing anxiety for all in general. However, the investor community can possibly capitalize on this situation by considering their investment in international funds. This would additionally be a great approach to diversify their investment portfolio. International funds are mutual funds which invest in stocks o...
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What is value investing? Which Mutual Funds follow this?

Unlike those critical investment strategies, value investing seems simple and credible. It doesn't ask you to have an extensive background dealing with finance, however the basics just help. Value investing is one sort of investment strategy which aims to look-up at those stocks of various companies which are trading at some significant discount, to their intrinsic value. If considered generally, ...
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Fixed Deposits vs Debt Mutual Funds

FD fixed deposit vs Debt MF Mutual Funds
If you have saved up some money and looking to invest less risky financial instruments, then fixed deposits or debt mutual fund is your answer. But the similarity ends there. The two tools vary in many aspects like lock-in period and premature withdrawal/liquidity, capital protection, tax liability etc. here are some notable differences. Lock-in period and premature withdrawal: Debt Mutual funds h...
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Are dividend plans harmful to your wealth?

dividend plans
A lot of investors choose to invest in dividend plans as they promise a regular income through the dividends. Although regular payouts seem very attractive as opposed to growth plan, which doesn't offer regular income, dividends could end up harming your affluence. Take a peek to know how: Taxation: You pay taxes on your income gains from dividend more than the dividend amount itself. This is beca...
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Math to keep insurance and investments separate

insurance vs investment mutual fund
An investment is allocating money in expectation of future benefits. You risk now to earn more in future.In insurance, you make an arrangement to neutralize possible future risks. It is ideally a risk management tool. Hence, insurance and investments are not really same and they must not be mixed. Practically speaking, there is no need to insure oneself against risks that can be handled by other f...
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What are closed ended funds? Should you invest in them?

closed ended funds
What are closed ended funds? Should you invest in them? In closed ended funds, there are only a fixed number of shares that is offered through an IPO or NFO . In other words, you can subscribe to them only during the initial new fund offer period and not after. After that, the funds are exchanged like individual stocks. This is because no new shares are created while trading. They exist with a fix...
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Why and how to diversify mutual fund portfolio?

Don't put all your eggs in one baster. Mutual Funds diversify
 A sequence of abrupt falls in stock markets throws caution lights on the face of many investors, especially when they invested in similar or single scheme. That is when they recognise the virtues of diversified investment portfolio. Diversifying investments across various schemes reduces exposure to risks.It ensures that a collapse or economic dip of one component does not affect you dangero...
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5 Habits you need to follow to be a successful investor

Successful Investor - Indoinvesting
Successful investment strategies don't require you to be a graduate in Finance or Economics, but they actually demand a specific understanding of your goals, risk-taking ability and time management. Best investors are those who can decide what would be the best for them and have a clear knowledge of when, where are how the money should be invested. So, is there a specific guidebook that teaches us...
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Comparison of 8 tax-saving investments under Section 80C

80C Investment options Tax Saving
 Income tax can play a vital role in the development of country. They account for a vast portion of the government's income and also fund basic provisions to the citizens.Sometimes, these taxes can be rough on the finances of the taxpayer. Hence the government provides a way to save tax and one of them is Section 80c. According to Income Tax Act- 1961, when an individual earns more than ₹ 2,5...
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Why you shouldn't stop SIP?

SIP - Do not stop it
SIPs (Systematic Investment Plan) have always proved their consistency regarding substantial returns even in the fluctuating market conditions.Numbers of investors have deposited their funds in SIPs during the past few years. The statistics when compared, clearly state that in 2014, a total of 1,200 Cr was invested monthly in SIPs, however, today(By end of Nov, 2017) it has somewhat pumped up...
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6 Reasons why you should start investing right now

Start your investment right now.
If you've found your way here, chances are high that you've either got some money in your savings bank account and looking for right time & reason to invest. If you haven't started investing, I don't blame you! It's not something we are taught by our elders. We are just scared to make a mistake and lose a part of hard-earned money. We all procrastinate when it comes to investing, but I urge yo...
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