How should you measure returns?

When it comes to measuring returns, there are three different methods to do it – Internal Rate of Return, Time Weighed Return and Compounded Annual Growth Rate. CAGR is usually preferred by online platforms because of its simplicity though inte rnal rate of return is deemed to be more accurate in providing information. The Global Investment Performance Standards and the Charted Financial Analyst I...
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Consistent vs. Best performers?

One of the most popular investment options for investors is mutual funds. It provides a way for the investors to compound their investment and thus helps them in creating more wealth than many other investment tools. But there are nearly infinite plans for you to select in the market. Even if you filter the existing funds to suit your risk capacity and other parameters, you are still left with exc...
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Journey of Rs. 70 to Rs. 70, 00,000

  Investment in mutual funds could be encountered in numerous shapes and sizes. Certain options are the low risk investment ones such as the debt funds, while the others are equity based funds which turn out as riskier. Then you have the hybrid funds which offer a much balanced portfolio. So in case you are planning to invest within the boundaries of mutual funds, then there are various param...
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How to select a right Debt Mutual Fund to achieve a goal?

Selecting a Debt Mutual Fund is unexpectedly more complicated than opting for a diversified equity fund. Even in the case of seasoned investors, understanding and tracking of interest rate movements and the credit risks are exclusively challenging. Yet this is one happiest hunting category for all the corporate treasuries, high-net-worth folks and institutional investors. Again, retail investors o...
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Is early retirement a realistic dream?

Who doesn't loves to sit back and have a light insight of life in their later years? Fortunately, each one of us does! Retiring early might be a subjective matter, however, in most cases, the factors which determine your decision includes availability of invested funds, a source of stable income and ability to cope up with inevitable future problems. It might be a dream of many to get retired earl...
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