Why Liquid funds are an attractive alternative to Savings deposits?

Suppose you want to invest your money for a short term without any risks, the only choice that comes to everyone's mind is a savings account. Is savings account he only risk-free investment option for your money for a short-term period of less than a year? The option is no. There are a few more investment options like Liquid funds which are not only risk-free, but offer double the profit than savi...
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Use SWP for tax-efficient regular income from mutual funds

What is SWP or Systematic Withdrawal Plan? It essentially enables customization so that investors can withdraw a specific amount of money or the capital gains from their mutual fund investments on a regular basis. Investors are thereby able to tailor their income stream with respect to their financial needs. This is how investors can avail both steady income as well as desired returns as per their...
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Should International funds be part of investor portfolio?

The Rupee witnessed a steady depreciation against the Dollar in the past few months, increasing anxiety for all in general. However, the investor community can possibly capitalize on this situation by considering their investment in international funds. This would additionally be a great approach to diversify their investment portfolio. International funds are mutual funds which invest in stocks o...
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Why can’t we buy low and sell high?

As Warren Buffet once said, Investing is simple but not easy. A majority of investors believe that the key to investing in stock market is to 'buy low and sell high'. But this piece of advice is not as functional as it sounds for the following couple of reasons: We don't know when and if the lows are happening: It is extremely hard to time the market. The past performance never guarantees a good f...
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Is early retirement a realistic dream?

Who doesn't loves to sit back and have a light insight of life in their later years? Fortunately, each one of us does! Retiring early might be a subjective matter, however, in most cases, the factors which determine your decision includes availability of invested funds, a source of stable income and ability to cope up with inevitable future problems. It might be a dream of many to get retired earl...
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Markets at all-time high – Lump sum investment or SIP?

Nifty 11000 Volatile 2018 Lumpsum SIP Mutual Fund
Indian markets were on bull run til the end of the January, 2018 and a sudden bearish sentiment in early February, 2018 motivated by global markets. Last 6 months was an excellent, volatile & unpredictable time, which made the investors question their strategy and wonder if they should adopt a new strategy according the changing market. So should you start investing more for more benefits...
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Investing in Mutual Fund? Which one to choose Growth, Dividend?

My cousin (Ankit) recently decided to invest in mutual funds, he was baffled to see so many options available. There were about 40 mutual fund houses available and over 2000 fund schemes. Further to this, he had to choose between growth, dividend pay-out or reinvestment option. When you decide to invest in mutual funds, you are faced with a plethora of options. Each type of fund has its own a...
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