What is the ideal tenure of an STP?

Investors who invest from their regular incomes usually opt for SIPs. But lump-sum investors are often advised so that they invest their money in an STP before transferring it to an equity fund. This necessarily means parking your money temporarily in a short term fund or a liquid fund before transferring it to a mutual fund. But how long do you stay invested in an STP? The answer is quite confusi...
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Why is the current market situation best for investing in STP?

STP or Systematic Transfer Plan is similar to an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)  except for the fact that it involves transfer of money from one fund category to another on a regular basis. Usually, such a type of transfer takes place from a debt fund to an equity fund in installments in order to facilitate the averaging out of the overall purchase price. Recently, the domestic market has b...
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Should I opt for Monthly Income Plan?

monthly income plan
MIP is a hybrid mutual fund scheme. The reason being, it invests in both equity and debt securities. Majority of the corpus is traditionally invested in debt securities (around 70% – 80 %) such as debentures, corporate bonds, public securities etc. while the rest is invested in equity. The equity exposure is limited due to market volatility, although it can be used for optimizing profits when the ...
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Journey of Rs. 70 to Rs. 70, 00,000

  Investment in mutual funds could be encountered in numerous shapes and sizes. Certain options are the low risk investment ones such as the debt funds, while the others are equity based funds which turn out as riskier. Then you have the hybrid funds which offer a much balanced portfolio. So in case you are planning to invest within the boundaries of mutual funds, then there are various param...
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