5 reasons to file an ITR even if your income is not taxable:

5 reasons to file an ITR even if your income is not taxable: It is a common misconception that you are not required to file an ITR if you have zero tax liability. As a result many people are oblivious to the benefits of filing ITRs and ultimately end up facing consequences that they could have avoided in the first place. If your total gross income was more than the taxable limit mentioned below, y...
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Investing: Starting big vs starting early

Starting Early vs Starting Big
Starting big vs. starting early It is always the early bird that catches the bird. One might argue that a huge investment can gain the same returns as a small investment over years. But investment is not just about figures, but mainly time. To be a successful and wealthy investor, you need to give yourself time to learn about the market and gain wisdom. That being said let me give you a few reason...
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Tax Saver (ELSS) Mutual Funds: Rollover to ripe max benefits

ELSS Mutual Funds Rollover-to-ripe
Who wouldn't love to earn money without investing any? Practically, the feat is impossible but it is possible to create a strategy for perpetual income with minimum investment. Although wealth generation depends on your risk factor, rolling over of funds has been proved to generate maximum benefits for investors. How do roll-overs work? In the world of investing, rollover refers to re-investing th...
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How does the lock-in of tax saving ELSS funds work?

Tax Saving ELSS Funds Lockin
Tax saving ELSS mutual fund is one of the best ways to participate in investments. Among a plethora of available options, ELSS mutual funds are considered as the best tool to save taxes as it generated very higher returns than the other funds historically. However, there is a little detail that needs some addressing to do: The Lock in period . One of the benefits of ELSS mutual fund...
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Comparison of 8 tax-saving investments under Section 80C

80C Investment options Tax Saving
 Income tax can play a vital role in the development of country. They account for a vast portion of the government's income and also fund basic provisions to the citizens.Sometimes, these taxes can be rough on the finances of the taxpayer. Hence the government provides a way to save tax and one of them is Section 80c. According to Income Tax Act- 1961, when an individual earns more than ₹ 2,5...
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